The Biggest Change In Human History, Thinking…

"The "ART" of the START"

Culture, Computers & Cosmology

Epistemology, cause & effect, problem & solution, it is the questions that are important, not the answers, and it continues…

Theories, From the Big Bang Theory to Evolution, these theories, beliefs, we come to adopt, accepting them as literal fact, a reality.

A new truth, Transparency = Truth = Reality

A Paradigm Shift

In those shifts knowledge and power is gained and lost...

Where did we come from?

Creation, Evolution, or Intelligent Design?

Mo’o, Ancient Myth to evolution for personal development, The Lizard Brain- Amygdala- Cognitive Dissonance RAC (Reticular Activating Nerve Ending), Solution: Pay value, Threat, Conditioning, & Accountability. – Pangea - Lemuria - Atlantis (For every new theory, we lose old truth)


The word Huna” means literally, “secret,” the esoteric wisdom of Polynesia. a theory of metaphysics. ...Kupua is another Hawaiian word referring to a specialized healer who works with the powers of the mind and the forces of nature. Huna is said to have been developed tens of thousands of years ago by ancestors of present-day Hawaiians in Polynesia. ... had discovered an ancient Truth, not just about Hawaiian spirituality but linking back to India and ancient Egypt. It is believed Hawaiians were a lost tribe of Berbers spiritual adepts migrated to Hawai‘i from Egypt, passing on to the priests of India The word “Huna is part of the New Age movement. believed to be the spiritual practices of ancient Hawaiian kahunas(priests) as inspiration, roots in New Thought and Theosophy, rather than in traditional Hawaiian beliefs. Huna is part of the New Age movement. Huna came originally from aliens from the Pleiades who were remnants of the mythical advanced civilizations of Mu or Lemuria


Max Freeman Long, An American Philosopher and writer The Seven Shamanic Principles of Huna. The Seven Hawaiian Shamanic Principles were developed by Serge Kahili King, Ph.d as part of his impressive body of work on Huna. this is not what these words mean in Hawaiian, nor are they a part of traditional Hawaiian beliefs. King also calls what he does, "shamanism" and cites "West African shamanism" as an influence. Evolution and Paleontology suggests we started in Africa…

The Human, Thinking, & it limited beliefs...

If the fruit is a problem, then simply give it back.

Art thou & the Redemption of Technology (ART)

Bringing Back America To Elevate Everyone’s Earth.

Ancient Aliens suggests: Pyramids

Sacred crystals:  in Africa, Asia, America’s

Vitrified Glass: suggests: Africa, Athens, Avalon, Asia, America’s

Museums evidence finds through anthropology:

DNA evidence suggests: Africa, Asia, America’s: Hopi, Hawaii & New Zealanders bloodlines suggest a connection through a land bridge in the Pacific, as New Zealanders, claim a new continent for mineral rights showing another continent in the Pacific.


The Lizard Brain, an operating connection of evolution and the Hawaiian mythology of Mo o’, we find scientifically in the human brain the Amygdala, which a Problem exists: Cognitive Dissonance. We find the RAC (Reticular Activating Nerve Ending), in Personal Development provides Solution for practices using brain behavior information of:" Pay value, Threat, Conditioning, & Accountability," as ways to get through this protective portion of the brain. 



“IKE”-The world is what you think it is. Belief & Reality, 

In personal development, a behavior operation system, Belief, Emotion, Decision, Action, Results, Goals (BEDARG) is a way to elevate our self esteem, celebrating life after each success and resetting esteem by challenging new goals,.

A fruit- A branch- A tree- SEED- Roots-

Meta-fiction- Judgment, Denial, Hypocrisy= Duality = Conflict- Neg Emo. – Sickness- War

Ethereal Man vs. Material Man


Transparency=Truth=Reality-R2D2-M&A, Management, Personal, Business, & RE Development

“KALA - There are no limits.

Planting the SEED 2 Gardens in the Sky, Sky’s the limit, Space, Lab, Tower of ART/not Babel, Ideo, Personal, Business & RE Development, Ethereal, Virtual, Material RE

$10 to 10 Trillion Endowment Fund, AI, Robotics, Hyperspace, Alcubiere, NASA, Millennial Project, Wormholes, Black holes, Universes

MAKIA - Energy flows where attention goes.

Humanity Fusion, Music is Math, www. as WWW

IoT - Smart Cities

Entertainment & Tech Corridor- New Renaissance, Cultural Transformation, a new Golden Age, New Age, Metaphysics, Theosophy, Philosophy, Science; Paleontology, Archeology, Genetics, Geology, Lemuria, Atlantis, Avalon,

MOM, Wonderland SmartCon, Store

MANAWA - Now is the moment of power.

Time: Past, Present & Future


Time Machine, Transcendence, Intersteller

Mo’o Myth- Lizard Brain- Amygdala- Cognitive Dissonance-  Lemuria

A fruit-Technology-Science-Quantum Physics, Mechanics- Heisenbergs- Time Space Travel, Machine- Ship- Teleportation Cosmology- Multi-verses- Frequency, Vibration, Transcendence, Consciousness, Sub consciousness, Realities, Transparency, IxV=R R2D2

MANA- All power comes from within.

Individuation, AAA, Ho’opono pono

Materialization: Entrepreneurship

Ethereal Dynamics: Transparency=Truth=Reality-RD2, R2D2, MTH, MSH, SWOCDP, Values, GP3D, GMO, CMP, DOPR, MV2S2BCS, V2MOM, Value Prop: USP, FAV, POP,UVP, SWOT, PEST, Pitch Deck, Canvas, Billion$BizModel, MSWOORE

ALOHA- To love is to be happy with (someone or something).Eudaimonia,R2D2= RD2= Successful Life


IxV(emotion & clarity)=R(s)

Sustainability: MTHMSH

ART of Life

PONO- Effectiveness is the measure of truth. Righteous, Virtue, Transparency



Connection Revolution, Ethics Revolution, Righteous Connection, The Smart Revolution

Happiness is the ultimate good. Ethics is the highest form of happiness. Virtue or excellence, involving habit and choice is the way of happiness, the purpose of human existence.  Aristotle

Eudaimonia, happiness, the goal of man = Sustainability, celebration manifesto


The purpose of ethics is finding the ultimate purpose for human life:

 “Giving Virtue Back To Nature” ART of Life (Art thou &the Redemption of Technology),Balance, Individuation, Atonement,-  Virtue-Excellence-Knowledge-Tree- Fruit

SOS, Humanity, Salvation as Sustainability

Values: Connection, Energy, Individuation, Healing, Sustainability, Harmony, Peace

Sustainability = Security & Justice = Happiness